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12-Month Internship Program Established

By Esther Beasley

“Would you ever consider hiring me for an internship through the school year?” asked 5-Day Club® coordinator, Brandon Shippy. Brandon was midway through his summer internship and sensing a call further into ministry. Brandon is just one of several Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA) students who are interested in fulltime ministry.

Unbeknownst to Brandon, I was already brainstorming with some committee members about offering a 12-month internship. This internship program would be designed primarily for CYIA students who are interested in ministry. The question “What if the next leaders for CEF in Omaha are supposed to come from within?” kept playing itself over and over again in my mind. God placed a burden on my heart to make an official proposal to the committee to see if we could implement this program. The Committee approved this internship program and three individuals applied almost instantly.

The purpose of this program is to give hands-on ministry experience to students considering CEF ministry. Each intern will be responsible for raising some support, overseeing Good News Clubs, planning CYIA activities as well as helping to organize and plan for our Fundraising Dinner. We want them to “tag-along” for meetings with pastors, principals and ministry partners so they see all aspects of ministry. Interns can expect to be mentored and encouraged through staff meetings and prayer times.

If the internship is completed successfully and the student senses God’s call into ministry, a scholarship will be given to attend the Children’s Ministries Institue®. This program will be an ongoing opportunity for any student who feels a call into CEF ministry.

Please pray for Brandon Shippy, Jack Swanson, and Sarah Bartsch as they serve throughout the next 12-months.