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Sarah Bartsch

“Sarah grew up in Blair and Omaha, Nebraska, in a jolly, loving family of seven who always pointed her to the Lord. She chose to believe in Christ as her savior at a very young age but didn’t really take her faith seriously until middle school, when she started attending CYIA and teaching a Good News Club. Through these amazing ministries, along with ministries at Crosspoint Bible Church, she grew closer to the Lord. Through Good News Club, God showed her the extreme brokenness of our world, which she saw in the heartbreaking lives and homes of the sweet children she got to know every week. Through the years, God has not only been growing her love for Him, but also her love for kids, and passion for children’s ministry. She plans to attend Children’s Ministries Institute at the CEF Headquarters after high school, and can’t wait to see what God has planned for her life!”